Saturday, 18 August 2007

If homosexuality is natural, Christianity is wrong.

Please consider the following extract from a recent post on A Penitent Atheist (see links). In the context of the theme of my own blog (Shared Difference) I will just add this: although we may all share a capacity for love, we all require the freedom to pursue in the way we choose and with whom we choose (provided we do not cause unjustifiable harm). If one man finds love and happiness with a consenting thin female, so be it; if another man finds love and happiness with a consenting large male, so be it! Too often a terrible wrong has been perpetrated, when people have been forced, whether overtly or more incideously, to suppress their natural impulses for love and relationships...

"The title of my blog, A Penitent Atheist, indicates a degree of regret, even remorse, that exists in me because of the things I taught and preached as a Christian minister. One of the things I regret the most is my persecution of homosexuals.

When anyone attempts to find that Christianity is tolerant of homosexuals, they must choose to admit that certain parts of the Bible are wrong. Because the Bible is unequivocally anti-homosexual. And therefore, as a preacher, so was I.

As it turned out, the issue of homosexuality, among others, helped me see that the Bible, and Christianity, were false. It is very simple, really. If homosexuality is not a choice, then Christianity is wrong. And it is patently clear that homosexuality is not a choice; it is no more a choice than is heterosexuality."

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Amanda said...

Thank you.

Homosexuality is NOT a choice, that much can be said by many homosexuals.

We do not CHOOSE to be DISCRIMINATED against.

For people to say that, "homosexuality is a CHOICE," is the same thing as telling me that I CHOSE to be a woman.

It is not something we can decide on...

I'm sure that, if I could CHOOSE, I would CHOOSE to be heterosexual.

That way, people could not condemn (sp) me for loving another human being.